May 09, 2007

The Ad Council "Get Good Karma"

"Bus Stop"


Agency: WestWayne
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Sheinberg
Writer: Josh Leutz
Art Director: Mitch Markussen
SVP, Director of Broadcast: Connie Newberry
Producer: Kelly Kissell
Production Company: Smuggler
Sound Design Company: Elias Arts
Audio/Final Mix: Acoustech Music seeks to engage 18-25 year olds by promoting youth civic engagement by focusing on the idea of "karma". The television, radio, print, outdoor and Web ads humorously show audiences what happens to people when they are not civically engaged and encourage them to "get good karma."
Developed pro-bono by WestWayne, introduces young adults to a new world called "Karmalot", which features activities and mini-games where visitors are rewarded for being civically active. First, discover your Karma score then participate in activities such as volunteering and registering to vote and you can improve the visitor’s "karma score", while points are deducted for inactivity and disengagement.

"" credits:
Agency: WestWayne
Interactive Chief Creative Officer: John Rich
Writer: Josh Leutz
Art Directors: Mitch Markussen, Bill Allen
Interactive Designers: Stephen Bridges, Jeff Tuttle
Interactive Developers: Earl Ferguson, Ann Pallo, Kelvin Raharja
Interactive Project Manager: Kim Kramer

Sound Design Company: WestWayne
Creative Director: John Rich
Associate Creative Director: Bill Allen
Sound Designer: David Burns


Lorraine said...

I think this is a great campaign!

Jacob said...

Humor in an ad campaign looking to motivate others to help. I don't want to be guilted into helping or donating to an organization, I want to laugh then remember that maybe I should help out the community.

These commercials keep you lighthearted and positive, eliciting a stronger better feeling motivation to help. Very cool