July 19, 2007

The Art Garage, Where Kids Learn Art "Teddy Bear"

Agency: TBWA, Toronto
Creative Directors: Joe Amaral, Catherine Wong, Marcus Segar
Art Director: Catherine Wong
Copywriter: Marcus Segar
Photographer: Paul Weeks


Unknown said...

My granddaughter, Katie, was born in 1992. I had this bear waiting in her crib when she came home from the hospital. To this day, she takes this bear to bed with her.

At the time, I found out somewhere that the bear's name was "Art."

Is this just a coincidence?

The AdBlog said...

I really love my reader's stories! Thanks for sharing it!!

Well, actually I think that the name 'Art' becomes from the fact that Teddy Bear collectors are known as arctophiles which comes from the Greek words 'arcto' (bear) and 'philos' (lover).

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for the information about "arctophiles."

I've been wondering about the origins of Art's name for 16 years.