July 04, 2007

Kona Kai "Get a black belt"

"This press ad promotes a sushi bar in Athens, named Kona Kai, in which the chef
teaches you how to make it."

Agency: Lowe Athens, Greece
Creative Director: A.M. Spiliotopoulou
Art Director: Yanna Polydouri
Copywriter: A.M. Spiliotopoulou
Photographer: George Drakopoulos
Food Stylist: Tina Webb
Illustrator: Konstandinos Protogeridis
Acount Handler: Evita Kalogiwrga, Tina Spanomarkidi


Christos said...

Another Greeklish ad. Why the Shusi is sooooo big? Anyway the Art Direction is not good, idea is OK

The AdBlog said...

I agree. And the typography is also soooooo predictable.

Christos said...

agree & epafxaning...